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Instructors for 2018

Welcome to this year's Directors Bea Pueblo and Courtney Riopka, also the Assistant Directors,
Zach Beauvais and Malaika Thiessen!

Scroll down to meet our experienced Summer Arts Day Camps staff

Bea Pueblo - Summer Arts Day Camps Director
(Ages 5-8)

Bea is a second-year Engineering student at the University of Manitoba. She is passionate about the arts: having taken Visual Arts classes and having been a part of a few SRSS plays. Fun fact: she can also speak three languages-- English, Filipino and a little bit of French!

When Bea isn't working, you can find her reading a new book at the library, drawing in her sketchbook or swimming at the Pool. An absolute bookworm (a Ravenclaw!), a Disney-enthusiast ("Hakuna Matata!") and a lover of science ("Did you guys see the Outer Space Week?!") Bea is very excited to be a Camp Director for the Summer Arts Day Camp!

Courtney Riopka - Summer Arts Day Camps Director (Ages 9-12)

Courtney graduated last year from University of Winnipeg as a certified teacher. She is currently substituting in Hanover and Seine River School Division. Courtney has a passion for art and crafting, anything to do with art supplies count her in! She has plenty of camp experience and a ten year dance background. She is new to the community, as this is her first summer living in the Steinbach area. Courtney is looking forward to a jam-packed, fun and exciting summer at camp!

Zach Beauvais - Summer Arts Day Camps Assistant Director (Ages 5-8)

Zach is a High School grad student with big plans. He likes art, music, video games, and pizza, (because…who doesn’t like pizza). Zach has participated in band for many years at school, and in the community. In the future Zach wants to become a doctor, and hopes to continue helping people.

Most of all Zach likes to meet new people and form friendships through teamwork. Zach can't wait for this summer as an assistant director because he knows it will be an unforgettable experience, full of teamwork, fun and friendship.

Malaika Thiessen –Summer Arts Day Camps Assistant Director (Ages 9-12)

Malaika is a high school graduate ready to share her passion of music, musical theatre and singing with the world. Malaika loves working with children and loves watching them learn and grow in the arts.

Malaika has a passion for working with children and youth in Kenya. This fall, she will be attending University of Manitoba Jazz program. Malaika is excited to spend the summer with you!