Summer Arts Day Camps 2018

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2 Separate Camps! Camp #1 – Ages 5-8 and Camp #2 – Ages 9-12

*REMEMBER! Every Friday morning is at AD Penner and afternoons at The Steinbach Aquatic Centre

Each week is jam-packed with creativity – art, dance, music, drama, recreation, community field trips, swimming, Splash Park and more!

Disney July 2 – July 6

SAC Member: $125 Non-Member: $145 (Plus Membership and $5 Swim Fee)

How magical! This camp was so much fun last year; we’ve brought it back again! Do you love Disney movies & characters? Come join us for a week full of creative Disney activities through dance, music, visual arts, drama, games, and more! Who’s your f a vorite Disney character, come dressed up too!

Under The Sea July 9 – July 13 (Plus Membership and $5 Swim Fee)

SAC Member: $125 Non-Member: $145

Discover a new world below the surface of the sea! Make friends with new and amazing sea creatures, scout for long lost cities on the ocean floor, and plan your own treasure hunt!

Olympic Sports July 16 – July 20 (Plus Membership and $5 Swim Fee)

SAC Member: $125 Non-Member: $145

Who’s keepin’ score? Celebrate Steinbach’s own Olympic Games! Try your hand at track ‘n’ field, badminton, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and more! Create your own Olympic medals and other fun crafts .

Outer Space July 23 – July 27 (Plus Membership and $5 Swim Fee)

SAC Member: $125 Non-Member: $145

Climb aboard a spaceship and jet off into outer space! Vi sit a new planet every day - meet Martians on Mars, bounce around on the Moon, and weave through the asteroid belt as you explore our solar system! Learn about the planets too!

WOODLANDS EXPLORATION July 30 – Aug 3 (Plus Membership and $5 Swim Fee)

SAC Member: $125 Non-Member: $145

Grab your backpack and your hiking b oots - we’re off to explore the wild side of town! Adventure through forests, parks, and more to discover what nature has to offer! Create your own survival pack, compass , and maps.

WACKY WORKSHOP Aug7 – Aug 10 (Plus Membership and $5 Swim Fee)

SAC Member: $105 Non-Member: $120

Unleash your i nner inventor an d be inspired by some of the most famous inventors in the world - Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, and more! Spend a week in the workshop and create your own amazing inventions.

MARVEL SUPERHEROES Aug 13 – Aug 17 (Plus Membership and $5 Swim Fee)

SAC Member: $125 Non-Member: $145

BOOM! HULK SMASH! Spend the week with I ron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Thor, Storm , and more! Superheroes have made the Steinbach Arts Council their home for the week - and they want y ou to help them save the world through creative adventures and spy missions.


MEMBERS: $125 per week plus $5 Swim Fee (Friday Swim Day)

NON MEMBERS: $145 per week plus $5 Swim Fee (Friday Swim Day)

Camp Hours
9am-4pm Monday to Friday

Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre, 304 Second Street

How to Register
Register by calling (204) 346-1077 or stop by the SAC Office.

Full refunds are given only when you cancel two weeks prior to start date of each camp week less a $20 Administration Fee.
No payment will be refunded for cancellations less than two weeks before the session.
If there are not enough registrants for a specific camp, there is the possibility that the camp will be cancelled. If this were to happen the student would receive a full refund.

SAC Membership Info
SAC Memberships are non-refundable.
Hanover Residents: Individual $15, Family $30
Outside of Hanover: Individual $20, Family $35
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Reminder Email
One week prior to camp, a reminder email will be send out to let you know the camp is coming up and provide directions to the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call (204) 346-1077.